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Dragonfish Network

Dragonfish are the biggest name in the online bingo market. They are the name behind the software that powers more bingo sites than any other in the business. The Dragonfish network itself has well over sixty sites, but since they design sites for other operators and networks too, the total number of Dragonfish inspired designs is now well in excess of a hundred. But whether it’s a “real” dragonfish network site or a “pseudo” Dragonfish network site, you can always be sure of a smooth running, easy to navigate service.

Indeed, some people see this as a disadvantage. They complain that the sites are all a bit too similar a feeling of “once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all”. We don’t really agree with that. It IS true that some are a bit of a cut and paste job, where little effort has been put into making the design unique, or customise the promotions and bonus schemes to fit the site theme. Sites where the template has been followed a little TOO closely. But then there are others where the inspiration and design effort is really clear. Dino Bingo is a good example of this. And you know what? We consider it OUR job to point out the “wheat from the chaff”. We’ll tell you how it is. If a site looks and feels as if it is deserving of your attention, we’ll let you know. If, on the other hand, we find a site that has all the inspiration and freshness of a three day old hamburger, we’ll tell you that too. We’re not like those other bingo review sites that seem to like everything (because they want their commission). Don’t get us wrong, we get commission too, but there’s no point in recommending everything, ‘cos what’s the point of a review site if they don’t tell the truth? So you can rely on us. We love bingo, so we don’t want you to waste your time (and money) on inferior sites when we know you can do better elsewhere.

Anyway, where were we? Ah yes. Dragonfish. Most sites have a limited range of bingo formats. 90 and 75 Ball (American) bingo are always offered, but fans of less traditional forms of the game may have to look elsewhere. Mind you, what they do they generally do really well. Prizes and Jackpots are usually pretty attractive, boosted by the number players playing on the network’s sister sites. There’s always a really good range of payment options, including PayPal if you prefer not to keep using your credit or debit cards. They even provide a free phone service for you to make a deposit if you want.

The ownership of Dragonfish is a bit of a corporate web. We’re experts on bingo, not multi-national business finance. So suffice it to say that Dragonfish is owned by a company called 888 Holdings, its banking and financial services are provided by a sister company called Cassava. And you will often see the name GlobalCom too, which is another linked company which handles their marketing. Finally, all Dragonfish sites are licenced and registered via the Mediterranean territory of Gibraltar. This means that it is covered by the UK Gambling Commission, so anything designed by Dragonfish is considered safe to play in the United Kingdom.